SyncBackFree is Feature-Rich Backup Software for Windows

These days all of your work is stored in form of files in your computer and if you accidentally lose any of them, then you may have to start all over again. This is why I always keep a 32GB pen drive in my pocket (actually attached to my key-chain) and backup all the extremely important files on it every now and then. This habit if keeping regular backups of important backups has saved me not one but on many occasions including the times when malware corrupted the files, the hard disk failed and when my notebook was stolen from my hotel room.

And creating the backups of all of your important files is not that difficult either. If you want to make your life easier, you can use the free SyncBackFree software which can work in many different modes – for backing up the data, for synchronization of your data and for creating mirror backups. The standard backups are incremental in nature and can contain new and older version files in the backup. The mirror backups, on the other hand, are exact copies of the source folder.


In the SyncBackFree software, you have to first create a profile (decide which mode of backup you would want to perform – standard, sync or mirror) and then choose a source & a destination folder for that profile. Once these steps have been taken, you can further customize the backup profile if needed. A small Run button can run the backup task while the Restore button does restore files from the existing backups to any folder of your choice. Obviously, you would not want to manually run this backup task each and every time – for this reason, they can select a profile and click on the Schedule button to choose the frequency of automatically running this backup task in future.

Verdict: SyncBackFree is perfect for home and small office users who want to regularly backup their most important files in order to safeguard them against any kind of data loss.

You can download SyncBackFree from