Wonder Bot Remembers Everything You Tell Him

They say that elephants have a really good memory. If the elephants see something once, they will never forget it all through their life. Unfortunately, we are no where as good as the elephants when it comes to memorizing stuff. We often forget passwords, PIN codes, things we had to do on a particular day and so on. One time I accompanied a friend to the airport because she said she had to pick up her brother. But once we reached there, she looked puzzled and asked me what we were doing in an airport. She had me to remind her, but if you want someone to remind you of the things that slip off your mind, then you can use the Wonder Bot.

Wonder bot is a virtual chat buddy for Facebook Messenger. I do not know why they call it Wonder bot, they should have called it Elephant bot as it can remember everything you tell it. For example, if you tell the bot – “Remember parking spot is 51E”, then it will remember this forever. You can later ask the bot, “parking spot” and it will reply with “51E”. The Wonder bot is smart and can even figure out some tricky things you want it to remember.

Wonder Bot

You can start by visiting the Wonder bot website (wonder-bot.com) in your smartphone or your PC. On the webpage, you can tap on the big yellow Start Wondering button. The browser will ask you if you want to use the Facebook messenger app or the Facebook website. It is recommended that you use the Messenger app.

Wonder Bot

Once you see the chatting screen for the Wonder bot, you can simply start typing the messages as you would with any friend. Wonder bot does not understand anything else but the remember messages. So go ahead and tell some of the things that you fear might slip off your mind. Wonder bot will never disappoint you.

Conclusion: Wonder bot can remember everything you tell him and can save you from those embarrassing situations when you cannot remember the door unlock code for your own apartment and neighbors look at your suspiciously.

You can visit Wonder bot at http://www.wonder-bot.com/.