Amplify PC Audio to 500% with Letasoft Sound Booster

People who love to listen music, play games and watch movies on their computers sometimes come across a strange situation of barely audible sounds. Even after turning the PC audio to 100% levels, you cannot really enjoy the music because the sound is very low. For these situations, you can do two things either buy a professional amplifier that you can attach to the PC and then connect your headphones or speakers to that amplifier. Or you can use some software like the Letasoft Sound Booster to amplify the sound at the software level itself.

After the installation the Letasoft Sound Booster will place an icon in the system tray of the Windows taskbar. You can click on this new icon to open the volume slider control which can increase or decrease the volume of your PC to a level of 500% (as opposed to the regular Windows volume control that can raise the volume to only 100%).

Sound Booster

The Sound Booster also allows you to control the volume levels through the use of hotkeys. You can open the Sound Booster options to change these hotkeys. By default, the hotkeys are F10 and F9 for increasing and decreasing the volume respectively.

Sound Booster

In the options, you can also choose to display a startup notification. The startup notification is basically a message that appears near the notification area (system tray) of the Windows taskbar. The message reads – “Adjust volume here”. If this message looks dumb to you then you can disable it in the options.

Sound Booster

Conclusion: Letasoft Sound Booster is the perfect accessory for the music lovers and PC gamers who want to get that thrill of listening to the music or background sound of games at the maximum possible level. The software is not free, but does a very good job of amplifying the sound without distorting it.

You can download Letasoft Sound Booster from

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