Disable Items from ‘New’ Context-Menu with ShellNewSettings

Windows makes is very easy for you to create new folders and new files just by right-clicking anywhere inside a folder and choosing one of the options from the New sub-menu. When you freshly install Windows on your machine, this New context-menu contains only a few items like Folder, Shortcut, Text Document, Journal etc. But as you install new software, that new software might add new items to this New context-menu. For example, when you install Microsoft Office or Adobe Photoshop, these software add new file types to this New context-menu. As more software is installed, the New menu could get very long and congested with file types that you really never create through the right-click menu.

If you never use some of these entries in the New context-menu, then there are two ways to get rid of them – either uninstall the software that made those entries in the first place (for example, to get rid of Microsoft Word in the New sub-menu, you have to uninstall Microsoft Word from your PC) or you can use the ShellNewSettings software. The latter is a much easier choice for everyone and instantly gives you relief from a entries that do nothing but make the right-click New menu confusing and difficult to use.


ShellNewSettings shows up in a tiny window and displays all the items present inside the File Explorer’s New right-click menu. You can check or uncheck the items to enable or disable them respectively from this window. After this you can click on the Refresh button and the unchecked items will disappear from the New context-menu. Nothing can be easier than this. And if you want those entries back, then launch ShellNewSettings once again and this time check those disabled items and click on the Refresh button.


According to the developer of this little tool, it has been designed with the same methods in mind as used by Microsoft’s own TweakUI. But since TweakUI works only in Windows XP and cannot be used in newer versions of Windows, the developer had to create a new tool and hence the birth of ShellNewSettings.

Conclusion: ShellNewSettings can be better than aspirin when you are struggling with a cluttered New right-click menu in your Windows PC. It can instantly enable or disable the various items present in the New context-menu of Windows File Explorer.

You can download ShellNewSettings from https://cresstone.com/.