KeyboardTest Can Find Faulty or Stuck Keys in Your Keyboard

Who does not like to sip the hot coffee while working on their computers on those cold winter days? But then your clever cat jumps into your lap shaking your coffee mug and spilling that delicious coffee right into the keyboard. You can do nothing for a second or two before realizing the mess you are in. It has happened to many of us and on the lucky days you can just wipe the little bit of coffee off the keyboard and no damage is caused. But sometimes it does not work and the keyboard keys get stuck or simple stop working.

After cleaning all of your keyboard thoroughly and then drying it carefully, you have to check if all the keys are working properly. Passmark KeyboardTest can help you show which of the keys on your keyboard are still working and which of them have stopped breathing. The software is a try-and-buy program that works for 30 days, but that’s enough time to find out if your keyboard is alright or you have to spend some money to buy a new one. In case of a laptop, you will have no choice but to send the laptop for repairs.

Keyboard Tester

You can launch the Passmark KeyboardTest software and it will let you select some keyboard types. The keyboard layouts look very antique, but the one labeled Dell Desktop looks promising and works very well with both the laptop and desktop computers. However, all the keyboard layouts can be used and it really does not matter how your real keyboard looks like.

If a key on your keyboard is working, the respective key in the KeyboardTest will turn light green. If you press a key and it turns red then the key could have lost the bounce back spring that helps raise the key back (helps detect a key that is automatically pressing multiple times even when you press it only a single time). Faulty keys are shown with blue color, over-pressing (long pressed) keys are shown in purple color and under-pressing keys (pressed for very short duration) are shown in the dark green color.

Keyboard Tester

Conclusion: Passmark KeyboardTest can be used to find out the faulty and non-working keys in your keyboard after a coffee spill accident. It can also be used to test your keyboard typing skills.

You can download Passmark KeyboardTest from