Lomsel Shutdown Automates PC Shutdown in Windows

Many of us are into multitasking not just in terms of using multiple application at the same time in our computers but also carrying out multiple tasks in our everyday life. While this habit helps us takes care of so many things in a small interval of time, it often makes us wait for one or the other thing to be completed so that you can move on to another task. For example, how many times we all have to wait for a task to be completed (e.g., a download to be finished) so that we can shut down your PC.

In these cases a small tool called Lomsel Shutdown can provide a little bit of help. This tool offers to automatically shutdown your PC when a certain condition criteria is met. And it not only automates the shutting down of your Windows, but it can also perform some other tasks, for example, reboot, log off, lock, hibernate, standby, turn off/on monitor, start screensaver, empty recycle bin, clear recent documents, empty clipboard,  log off when offline and many more.

Lomsel Shutdown

In the main window of the Lomsel Shutdown, you can select one of these actions and then pick one of the conditions when this action will be executed. You can choose to execute this action immediately, when a certain specified process is stopped, or when CPU becomes idle. In the same window there are options like displaying a warning message before carrying out the selected action, run a particular program, force close all the applications, and so on.

In the options window, that you can open by clicking on the Options button, you can choose a hotkey to carry out an action, choose to run a specific program when PC is idle, choose which of these actions should be accessible from the system tray, password protect the program and more.

Lomsel Shutdown

Verdict: Lomsel Shutdown provides easy way to automatically shutdown your PC when a program is closed or when CPU becomes idle. It can also perform various other actions. But it does not offer any timer based automatic shutdown.

You can download Lomsel Shutdown from http://www.lomsel.net/.