AIO System Rescue Toolkit Lite Fixes Common PC Problems

Once in a blue moon, we try to boot our Windows PC and hope to start the work day as usual, but it fails to boot and shows one error after another. The Windows PC may fail to boot because of an array of problems but most common include the corruption of the file system, missing Windows system files, Windows configuration errors, hard disk problems, RAM modules failure and CPU overheating. You can attempt to diagnose and fix these common PC problems manually one by one, but AIO System Rescue Toolkit Lite can take care of all of these common PC problems automatically in one shot.

AIO System Rescue Toolkit Lite is obviously the lite version of the large technician version of the same toolkit. The technician version is around 650 MB in size and fits a blank CD perfectly. But the lite version is only 6.5 MB in size and can be downloaded and run on any PC in a few seconds. The lite version is meant for everyone and does not bother you with any selections. When launched, it straight away runs a script and asks you if you want to force reboot the PC after auto-fix completes.

AIO System Rescue Toolkit

The auto-fixing script tries to repair the most common PC problems that could prevent it from being used in normal manner. It performs the following tests and scans:

  • CPU cooling tests
  • Memory tests
  • Hard disk drive tests
  • Windows Security Center check
  • Anti-virus and anti-malware scans
  • Resets Windows networking (to fix problems connecting to internet)
  • System File Checker (SFC) tool
  • Disk Cleanup and Defrag

The downloaded file for the Lite version of System Rescue Toolkit is actually an AutoHotKey script and runs many system tools one after one. It also changes many of the system settings to their default values. It comes with some tools like Prime95 and HWMonitor to put your CPU under stress and monitor the CPU temperature.

AIO System Rescue Toolkit

We tested it on Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 10 Anniversary Edition and in both of the computers it made some corrections. We cannot tell how those corrections impacted the overall performance, but these computers did not have anything wrong to begin with.

Conclusion: System Rescue Toolkit Lite is can fix many common problems encountered in Windows PC. It runs in automatic mode and reboots the PC when all the fixing and optimizations are complete. You may want to run this tool before taking your PC to the repair shop.

You can download AIO System Rescue Toolkit from