How to Change Youtube Videos Upload Quality

Sharing your life experiences and expertise in various fields through Youtube has become so common place that youngsters often ask about their Youtube channel when they first meet. And with high resolution cameras of as much as 16 megapixels in all the smartphones these days, everyone can record a high quality video and upload it to Youtube.

When you upload a video to Youtube through the Youtube app in your Android smartphone, it is uploaded to a maximum quality of 1024p by default. The video is HD quality and looks great in most of the devices, but if you have recorded a even higher quality video and want to share it in the same quality then you have to configure the Youtube app to do so. Here is how you can change the Youtube app settings to upload a video of higher quality:

  1. Open Youtube app in Android, tap on the menu key to open the app menu and select Settings from there.
  2. On the settings screen, tap on the General from the list of all the options.Youtube Video Quality
  3. On the next screen, select Uploads which specifies network preferences for uploads.
  4. Now you can choose the quality of video that you want to upload. You can choose anywhere from 360p to 1024p or just choose to upload the original quality whatever it is. The video quality options also vary from one smartphone to another.Youtube Video Quality

When uploading your videos to Youtube, what is more important that you do not compress the videos prior to upload. This is because any video you upload to Youtube will be automatically compressed on the Google servers. So if you compress a video and then upload it, it will be once again compressed at the Google servers affecting its quality. This is why you should not use any video compression or format conversion tool before uploading the videos.