How to Find Out Last Boot Time in Windows 10

Many people keep their computers running for days and months without feeling any need to shut them down. And this applied both for the Desktop as well as the Laptop computers. Perhaps they do not want to wait for the Windows to boot each time they want to use their computers. If you also have been in the habit of always keeping your PC powered on and now want to know when was the last time you actually booted into Windows, then you have a couple of methods at hand.

The first method involves using a simple program that we have created. You can download Boot Time, save it on your Windows desktop, extract and then and double-click on boot-time.exe. This will tell you the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds that your PC has been running for. This program makes use of the GetTickCount() API and has the limitation of 49.7 days which means that if your PC was started before that time length, it will fail to report the correct time.

Windows Boot Time

The second method is a little bit complicated and requires that you dig deep into the Event Viewer of Windows 10. Here is how:

  1. Press the hotkey Win+R, type eventvwr.msc and press Enter to open the Event Viewer.Windows Boot Time
  2. On the left side, select Windows logs and then System.
  3. In the Event Viewer, select the Actions → Create Custom View from the menubar.Windows Boot Time
  4. Choose By sources and then choose Kernel-Boot as the event sources. Click OK.
  5. Now you will have all the events when kernel boot was started. Notice the date and time for all of these latest events – this is when Windows boot started.Windows Boot Time

Summary: Finding out how long you have been running Windows without shutting it down or when was the last time you booted into Windows is very easy. You can find this through Event Viewer or through Boot Time.


  1. This shows how long ago the system was booted up. It does not show how long the system took to boot up.

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