Red Eclipse is Open-Source Arena Shooter Like Unreal Tournament

Its always a good news for the PC gamers when large corporations announce of making some of their old games free for everyone. Although you don’t get any CD/DVD or any other kind of installation media. You simply have to download these games from the game publisher’s websites. But there are also many open source games that you can download and can easily rival with some of the commercial games. In some cases, these open source games are designed to make up for a game that no longer has any multi-player servers functional anymore.

Red Eclipse is perhaps a game for all the Unreal Tournament fans who cannot find any working servers for Unreal Tournament. Red Eclipse is an open source game built using the Cube Engine 2 giving it a little different feel than the Unreal Tournament. In fact, it gives something of like a mixed feel of Quake and Unreal Tournament together. You can run it on Windows, Mac, Linux or BSD. The download package is around 1GB in file size and installs the full game on your computer.

Red Eclipse

The Red Eclipse game comes with the some of the exact same modes like the Unreal Tournament, for example, there is the Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Time Trial, Bomber Ball and more. In addition, you have the choice of a large selection of maps. The number of official maps alone are seventy four and then there are some of the unofficial maps created by fans. For the multi-player version, you can always pull down one of the servers (at the moment there are 36 game servers online and available for use).

If you have an older PC, then there is no reason to worry as the Red Eclipse game can run even on computers from a decade ago. But perhaps the graphics of the game also belong to that time too.

You can download Red Eclipse from