Remove Trash from Windows with Atomic Cleaner

Almost half the time I use my Windows PC, I am using Mozilla Firefox or any other web browser. But using the web browser so much causes a lot of browsing cache to build up in the browser. This makes the browser a tad slow when you start it up or when you visit websites that have a lot content stored in the cache of your web browser. After a couple of weeks, you can usually start seeing the effect in the performance of your Windows PC. One way to keep your PC running smoothly and at the top of its possible performance is to keep cleaning all the trash that keeps accumulating in your PC as you use it.

Atomic Cleaner is a utility for Windows that can take care of all the trash in your PC and make it work at its optimal performance. It is designed using Microsoft .NET and requires .NET 4.6 framework installed in Windows. When you launch Atomic Cleaner, it presents you three cleaning options – clean the system area, clean the web browser area and clean the games area. But it also allows you to analyze your PC before you can clean it.

Atomic Cleaner

You can use the individual buttons to analyze or clean the specific areas on your PC like the system, web browsers or the games. But you can also use the Full Analyze or Full Clean buttons to fully analyze your system and find all the files that you can safely delete or completely clean your PC off all the trash.

In the settings for the Atomic Cleaner, you can choose how often the database is updated through the internet. The frequent update makes sure that it detects all the trash files correctly and does not make any mistake because of obsolete database. You can also add your own custom paths and registry entries to clean automatically when you choose to clean your PC through Atomic Cleaner.

Conclusion: Atomic Cleaner is perhaps not as comprehensive as CCleaner, but it does the job perfectly well It features automatic database updates that help you clean the junk files from your PC efficiently.

You can download Atomic Cleaner from