Tab Memory Usage Displays Memory Consumption for All the Firefox Tabs

If you have been using Mozilla Firefox web browser, then you would find it very interesting to have a look at the Windows Task Manager that cab be opened using the hotkey  Ctrl + Shift + Esc. You will find that Firefox is running one or more processes and is actually consuming more memory than any other process in a typical Windows PC. The memory usage of Firefox keeps increasing as you open more and more tabs and load web sites with animation or media content. For example, the Firefox memory usage will jump high if you access Hulu or Netflix in it.

If you have a large memory bank installed consisting of multiple RAM modules then there is nothing to worry about how Firefox consumes up your PC memory. But if your PC has less than 4 GB RAM, then perhaps you would want to know how the memory is being used by various programs so that you do not experience any problems in your system’s stability. In that case, you can use the free extension for Firefox called Tab Memory Usage.

Tab Memory Usage

Tab Memory Usage is a free, fast and small sized Firefox extension to monitor the tab memory usage. It displays memory usage of individual tabs next to the tab’s title or as a separate toolbar button. Memory usage is calculated upon tab updates to prevent any Firefox hiccups.

Other than displaying the memory usage for each of the tabs, you do not really get anything else much from the Tab Memory Usage extension. But by knowing how much memory each of the tabs is consuming, you can make a quick judgment about which of these tabs should be closed to keep the Firefox from using up so much of your RAM.

You can download Tab Memory Usage extension for Firefox from