BOX4 Makes Video Format Conversion Easy in Windows

BOX4 is a video conversion software that makes video format conversion a cinch. It can be used to repackage a video, remux a video or convert a video to another format. It supports Matroska MKV and MP4 containers for output and MKV, MP4, MOV, FLV for input. You can use the encoders like AAC, MP3, H.264 for compressing the video and audio streams.

This video conversion software is available as a portable program but it does require .NET to be installed. And if you have 32-bit version of Windows than you are out of luck, because this software is available only for the 64-bit version of Windows. But if your PC is supported, then everything else is very easy. You can just launch the downloaded BOX4 executable and start adding the folders or files that you want to work  with.


For each of the added input or source files, it displays the file name and the output location. You can click on the profile icon against each of these files and change the audio or video codecs as well as the containers like MKV or MP4. If you want to embed the subtitles, then you can also specify the input subtitle files too. And when you are ready, you can just click on the Start button in the toolbar and it will go to work right away.

In the settings for the BOX4, you can only change the threads available for the software. You can select multiple threads for it to use which is best for powerful computers, or you can use only one single thread which is a good choice for less powerful computers and the computers with heating issues. There are no other options available for the BOX4 program.

Conclusion: BOX4 is a free video remuxer, converter and repackager for Windows. It uses the popular FFMPEG tools for all the conversions and therefore provides great output quality.

You can download BOX4 from