HDCleaner Cleans and Optimizes Windows PC

When you buy a brand new computer running on the Windows operating system, it works fine for first few months of regular use. But soon, it starts to become slow and if you do not take care of it properly, then it might also start showing errors for many different kinds. As far as hardware is concerned, you need to keep it clean and take it to the service center for fixing the errors. But many of the Windows system issues can be taken care of easily with the help of a free software called HDCleaner.

HDCleaner is a one-stop solution for cleaning and optimizing your Windows PC. It can find and fix errors found on your hard disk, it will help you to uninstall unnecessary/unwanted programs, start menu and clean up the entire hard disk drive of the junk, obsolete, unnecessary and unused files. In addition, it offers many more useful features to create and restore data, reading the information on the components base and file encryption.

After launching the HDCleaner application in Windows, you just have to click on the Analyze Now button and it will start to find all the possible problems that could be detected in your PC. It searches the files system, Windows’ registry, web browsers and many more regions. It also finds all the issues that could be slowing down your hard disk drive, for example, duplicate files, fragmented files, etc.


You can then review the findings and choose to fix these problems. You do not have to fix them all, as you can make a custom selection. Furthermore, the HDCleaner application is able to perform various other functions manage auto-running apps, remove installed programs, shred files, encrypt files, remove browser toolbars, disable Windows 10 settings that dial back home to Microsoft servers, create or edit System Restore points and more.

Conclusion: HDCleaner is really highly loaded with so many useful features and tools that it is truly indispensable for every Windows user. It is highly effective in optimizing your Windows PC and keeping it working with optimal performance.

You can download HDCleaner from http://www.kurtzimmermann.com/hdcleanerext_en.html.