Honeyview : Fast & Portable Image Viewer for Windows

Windows comes with an image viewer of its own, but it is rather limited in features and does not really support all the image formats out there. This is why all the Windows users who wish to view or edit the images in Windows chose to install a third party image viewer. I have always trusted IrfanView for Windows and have been impressed by how fast it loads all the images. But recently I came across another similar image viewer that is very fast, is portable and works with so many image types.

Honeyview is an ultra fast image viewer for Windows that supports all the popular image formats along with the archives that contain multiple images packed inside them. You can install it on your Windows PC or just launch the program from the portable edition. Next you can click on the open/eject button to locate an image on your hard disk.


Once an image is loaded, you can go back and forth in the same folder using the left-right arrow keys and view all the supported images in that folder. You can zoom in or out and rotate the images left or right using the hotkeys or the buttons in the control bar. Apart from this, you can also set the images as desktop background in Windows, play a slideshow using all the images located in the current folder, view the EXIF meta-tag data embedded inside the image files, as well as the GPS geo-location data if it is available.

Conclusion: While Honeyview is not as feature rich as Irfanview or XnView , it loads up the images really very fast, can be used in the full-screen mode, and has a really slick interface that makes using this image viewer very easy.

You can download Honeyview image viewer from https://www.bandisoft.com/honeyview/.