How to Cast PC Screen Using Chrome Browser

As we know Google Chromecast technology can be used to stream the content from smartphones, tablets and personal computers over to devices with Chromecast dongle attached to them. For example, you can stream videos from your desktop computer to your large screen HDTV through the Chromecast dongle. The possibilities are endless and you can even view web browser pages on a larger screen perhaps for presentations or for watching the web videos on your big TV screen. Previously it was possible only through a web browser extension, but now Google has added this feature inside the Chrome browser itself.

Here is how you can use the native casting feature to cast the tabs from Chrome browser or your PC screen to any other devices with Chromecast dongle connected to them:

  1. Open the website that you want to cast on the large screen TV (or some other Chromecast ready devices).
  2. Right-click anywhere on the web page and choose Cast… from the right-click menu.Chrome Browser Chromecast
  3. You will see all the available Chromecast devices in the list, you have to select one. If you do not see any device, then make sure that both your PC and the Chromecast device are connected to the same WiFi network.Chrome Browser Chromecast
  4. Next choose whether you want to cast the tab or cast the desktop screen.  As soon as you make a selection, it should appear on the target Chromecast device.Chrome Browser Chromecast

As you can see, for this you do not need any browser extension. Only thing you need is a Chromecast dongle that you can buy from Amazon or eBay easily. The casting feature is built inside the Chrome browser itself. You can use this to cast the current tab or the whole Windows desktop screen . And if the tab has a video in it like (for example on Youtube), then only the video is cast to the target devices.