QILING Disk Master : Backup Disk Partitions or Files in Windows

QILING Disk Manager is a free disk management tool for Windows that offers full backup and restore functions for the entire disks, partitions or files. In addition, it can also perform basic disk management tasks like creating partitions, setting a partition active, deleting existing partitions and running a full surface test. It can also create and mount virtual disks, create ramdisks, create bootable media, and add pre-OS to Windows boot menu.

This disk management software works in all Windows versions starting from Windows XP to Windows 10. It installs some of the drivers during the installation in order to use the VSS (Volume Shadow Service) so as to copy and backup files that are in use. During the installation, you also have to specify a folder where all the backups are saved – you should choose this folder on a partition with large amount of free space available.

QILING Disk Master

You can perform all the backup or restore tasks from a dedicated tab or section. Creating backups is as easy as clicking on the specific buttons and following the on-screen directions. You basically have to choose a source and it starts to backup right away. For performing the entire disk backup, you need at least two disks attached to your PC. The restore functions work in a similar fashion.

Apart from the ability to create and mount virtual disks, and performing some the basic disk management and partition creation tasks, it can also install the Pre-OS in the Windows boot menu. The Pre-OS can load a WinPE environment so that you can use QILING Disk Master without booting into Windows. This is a great way to recover from system problems that could prevent you from booting into Windows or use Windows properly.

QILING Disk Master

Verdict: QILING Disk Master has everything a modern PC user needs to keep their computers’ disks/partitions in shape. You can use it to manage the partitions, backup the disks or partitions, and create or mount virtual disks/ramdisks.

You can download QILING Disk Master from http://www.idiskhome.com/main/product_free.shtml.