Restore CD/DVD/Blu-ray Drive in Windows with DVD Drive Repair

Experts suggest to make a disk image of your system partition (on which Windows is installed, usually C:) when you get a new computer for a very good reason. In the event of  a mishap (accidentally making changes to Windows settings, malware attack, data corruption etc), some things might stop working in your Windows computer. If you had a disk image backup, then you can restore your computer back to the original state. For example, if your optical disk drive suddenly disappears from Windows or it stops to work, then you can restore the PC back to the original state and everything will work.

But if you do not have any backup, then you can use a freeware called DVD Drive Repair to fix the problems that are causing the optical drives to not appear in Windows. The DVD Drive Repair software is available as a portable program and can perform a series of troubleshooting steps to restore the CD/DVD/Blu-ray icon back in Windows File Explorer.

After launching DVD Drive Repair, you can choose various options like reset auto-run options (to clear auto-run preferences for the optical drives) or protect against autorun malware (to prevent autorun virus from being launched automatically). If you do not wish to choose these options, then select only Just repair and click on the Repair DVD Drives button.

DVD Drive Repair

After some changes are made by the DVD Drive Repair, you will have to restart Windows so that those changes take effect. This should be followed by the re-installation of the optical drive software (CD/DVD/Blu-ray burner like Nero Burning ROM or Roxio Creator) if you want to be able to burn the disks.

Conclusion: DVD Drive Repair can fix problems in Windows when CD/DVD/BD icon is missing or the optical drive is not being recognized by Windows. It is portable program and can fix these problems in just one click.

You can download DVD Drive Repair from