Seanau Icon Toolkit Can Edit and Combine Icons

Icons are those small square pictures that are used for so many things in operating systems and websites. But Windows does not provide a convenient way to edit these icons. If you want to edit the ICO or PNG icons then you have to depend on the third party tools like Seanau Icon Toolkit a freeware icon editor for Windows. This software can edit, create, combine and enhance icons through its very easy to follow user interface. You can export the icons to PNG, ICO, JPG, GIF, BMP files. If you want, you can also download the icons from an online repository through this application.

You can open any of the supported icons in the Seanau Icon Toolkit or you can create a new blank icon. You can use the editing tools like pen, rectangle, circle, eraser, color picker etc. On the right-side you can use the layers, hue/saturation tools, icon resizing and opacity adjustment tools. From the menubar, you can change the style of your icons and give them a certain look, e.g., crystal style, Mac style, Vista style, iOS style and so on. When you are done editing your icons, you can export them to any of the supported formats or save them as the proprietary SITF file format which also saves the editing settings and state.

Seanau Icon Toolkit

Seanau Icon Toolkit is designed to be a full featured icon editor and you can create a new icon from scratch. But you can also use this to convert any image into icons. All you have to do is use an image viewer like IrfanView to convert the target image into PNG, JPG or BMP file. And then you can open this file in Seanau Icon Toolkit, resize it and save it as ICO file.

You can download Seanau Icon Toolkit from