Artpip Delivers Classic Paintings in More Ways Than One

Artists and their fabulous works of art have always made us look up, feel and appreciate the way these great artists perceive the world and various events. When we look at the classic paintings of Monet and  Renoir, we look through their eyes the world as they saw it and it arises in us the same feelings that perhaps were driving these artists to create such great works of art. Usually, you go to museums, exhibitions and libraries if you want to look at the classic paintings of some of the world’s eminent painters. But with the help if Artpip app, you can bring the classic paintings to your computer screen.

Artpip is an application for Windows and Mac. It downloads and set the very high-definition images of classic paintings as the desktop background in your computer. The images are Ultra HD and bring out the crisp clear beauty of the paintings without compromising on the quality. You will perhaps need at least a 24 inches computer screen to properly appreciate these beautiful paintings. Because of the Ultra HD 4K definition of these images, they are very large in size. But Artpip stores all these images in its server and so your hard disk space is not used up unnecessarily.


In the settings of the app, you can change the frequency of the updating the desktop backgrounds. You can also choose the years range in which paintings were made originally that you want to use as desktop backgrounds. In addition, you can opt for oil or watercolor paintings or both. Similarly, there are options to pick sketches and prints.

Artpip does not stop there. If you are mesmerized by any of these paintings and want to have a replica that you can hang on your walls of your office or home, then you can order very accurate replicas from the app or its website. But the replicas are not made by paint brush, oil paints or watercolor – these are printed on the poster size paper or canvas.

You can download the Artpip app from