Download & Play Mega Man 2.5D on PC for Free

Older games invoke some special feelings in some of us who grew up playing them in 1990s. Even though they are pretty lame compared to the latest games designed for Sony Play Station 4, people from a certain generation feel attached to these older games. I have seen one of my neighbors actually crying when his son bought an old Nintendo console from eBay for him. One of such games that kept teenagers busy in the 90s called Mega Man 2D is now back in the form of a fan’s adaptation as Mega Man 2.5D.

While the original game was designed by Capcom for the Nintendo console. The new Mega Man 2.5D is designed solely by a team of fans and is intended to be run only on PC. This new Mega Man 2.5D is available for download and is around 550 MB in size. The team behind this game has painstakingly designed the beautiful graphics and added hours of music that every Mega Man fan is going to fall in love with.

Mega Man 2.5D

Even though the game is still a side-scroller two dimensional game, the developers have played with their imaginations to turn it into a really stylish looking game. While the original game was only a single player game, this new version supports two players who can play using the same keyboard but with different keys. The game can also be played using a joystick. Unlike the original game, the perspective the of player changes to keep things much more interesting.

You can download the game in various forms (like installers, stand-alone) and from a variety of web sites. The package includes everything you would need including the .NET framework redistributables, XNA redistributables and so on.

All the links for downloading the Mega Man 2.5D are available from