How to Uninstall ESET Products from Windows PC

Recently, I received 2 years subscription for ESET NOD32 Antivirus completely free with my brand new Lenovo notebook. I tried it with Windows 10 and I was so much pleased with its performance that I just could not resist and upgraded to ESET Internet Security which provides even much more enhanced protection like botnet protection, banking and payment protection, webcam protection and more.

But before you can switch to another product from ESET or perhaps to a product from a completely different security software vendor altogether, they suggest that you should remove your existing ESET product (NOD32 Antivirus). Normally you can remove it from the Control Panel or Windows 10 Settings panel, but if you encounter any errors then you have to use the ESET Uninstaller Tool (it is a command line interface tool). Here is how:

  1. Download ESET Uninstaller Tool and save it somewhere on your PC from where you can easily access it.
  2. Reboot Windows into Safe Mode. You can learn how to start Windows in safe mode using BootSafe tool. It is recommended that you use this tool as it provides one-click reboot into Safe Mode.
  3. Once in the safe mode, launch the ESET Uninstaller Tool and press Y to proceed. It will show you a list of detected ESET products, choose the number of product that you want to remove.ESET Uninstaller Tool
  4. After that product is removed, close the ESET Uninstaller Tool and then restart your PC.

ESET Uninstaller Tool should not be used without first trying the normal method of removing the ESET products, that is, through the Programs & Features section of the Control Panel. In Windows 10, you can easily access it by pressing the Win+X hotkey and then selecting Programs & Features.  You can find more detailed information about using the ESET Uninstaller Tool from the ESET website itself at