JoyToKey : Emulate Keystrokes & Mouse Clicks with JoyStick in PC

So you bought that expensive joystick game controller for playing your favorite game in your PC, and had loads of fun with it. But when it comes to playing flash games that run inside the web browser, you have to resort to using the keyboard once again. Why? Because the joystick works in only the games that are specifically designed to access it. All the large PC games support joysticks and other game controllers, but small games like Arcade Racer or flash games on various online gaming sites are not designed to be controlled through a joystick.

But thanks to a small program called JoyToKey, now you will be able to emulate keyboard events (key-strokes) and control any game, program, web browser or even the Windows operating system through your joystick. The way it works is that it creates a profile to link the joystick actions with various keyboard events. For example, you can create a profile to make the up-arrow key press on your keyboard whenever you press the up-button on your joystick. Similarly, you can define as many keyboard events as you want. As expected, it is not limited to only keyboard events, you can actually add mouse click events as well.


JoyToKey features creation of profiles for various purposes and each of these profiles can define a different set of rules to emulate the keyboard events. For example, you can create a profile for playing the flash games in your browser, another profile for controlling your media player and so on. And if you have more than one joysticks, then you can create separate profiles for each one of them. Assigning more than one joysticks makes it easy to control the multi-player games.


In the settings for the JoyToKey program, you can choose the internal processing speed from normal 16 times the normal speed. It could be useful if the joystick to keyboard/mouse events translation is happening slower and you are not able to play the games properly.

Conclusion: JoyToStick is a very useful program for PC gamers who wish to control all the games, programs and web browser with their joysticks. With it’s help, you can use joystick even in the games that do not have in-built joystick support.

You can download JoyToStick from