Sony Crackle : Watch TV Shows and Movies on PC for Free

Around 5-6 years ago, I had a desktop computer with a TV tuner card installed on the PCI port. I sometimes watched TV news and some of the sports events on it. But I donated that computer to a charity program and got myself a notebook PC. On this computer it is impossible to install an internal TV tuner card, but I still manage to entertain myself with some TV shows using Sony’s Crackle.

Sony’s Crackle is a free video-on-demand service and offers hundreds of popular TV shows and movies. In order to watch these TV shows, all you need is a fast internet connection and a PC. Even though there is an app for Android devices, it is always better to watch the videos on large screens. If you have a smart TV or a TV with Google Chromecast dongle attached, then you can obviously enjoy the TV shows on Crackle.

Sony Crackle

Sony has made crackle free in its very true sense. You do not even have to create any user account. Just visit Crackle’s website and start watching the shows. You can view all the available TV shows from under the TV menu. Some of the TV shows are from 90’s but it also have many of the new TV shows.

Sony has made Crackle free for everyone, however only inside US and Canada. People living outside the US and Canada also have a few things free for example, Seinfeld’s new TV show called Coffee with Comedians in Cars and a few more. Outside US, you cannot watch any movies on Crackle.

Sony Crackle

Because I have Amazon Prime Video paid account and compared to Prime Video, Crackle seems to have more interesting content. But Prime Video also offers many of the newer TV shows like Supernatural, Vampire Diaries and NCIS. As far as free video-on-demand services are concerned, Crackle tops all the charts.

You can visit Sony Crackle at