Elite Keylogger for Mac : Record Everything Happening in Mac

Even though keyloggers are often used by hackers to capture the activities of their victim’s computers, they could also be used to monitor how your kids are using their computers. This is exactly what the Elite Keylogger for Mac offers to do. It is a monitoring software for Mac that records all the keystrokes and other activities of your computer. It has a unique intuitive graphical interface that allows you to view all the recorded keystrokes and various activities for any day of the month.

The main purpose of Elite Keylogger is to provide the owners of Mac to keep a record of all the events and other things. This could be useful if you want to see what your minor kids are doing on their computers. This will also be useful if you leave your Mac to be repaired and want to know what they did to your Mac while it was being repaired.

In case you do not want to let your kids know that you have Elite Keylogger installed on their Mac, you can use the invisible mode of this program. Accessing the option to choose the visible or invisible mode requires you to enter a password, so that not everybody can change the modes. As per the official website for Elite Keylogger, the software is offered in two versions – free and “Pro”. These versions have some differences in the features and options.

Elite Keylogger

Elite Keylogger has a calendar interface through which you can choose a different date for monitoring and the screenshots. For any selected date and time, you can view keystrokes, websites visited, applications used, emails sent and received, and much more.

Elite Keylogger

The Pro version of Elite Keylogger can be completely hidden and capture screenshots so you can see exactly what was being displayed on the screen at a given time. You can also view the complete list of all the websites visited by the user even though the browser history is deleted. It supports all the main web browsers like Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Conclusion: Elite Keylogger can be useful for worried parents who want to know how their young kids are using their Mac. It can record keystrokes, capture screenshots and much more for any user on the Mac.

You can download Elite Keylogger by clicking here: Download Elite Keylogger for Mac.