Shotcut is Cross-Platform Video Editor and Converter

If you are looking for a video editor that can help you do some basic video editing, add some effects to your videos, convert your video file formats and more, then you can trust the Shotcut video editor. It is a cross-platform video editor that can perform all these tasks and more without excessively using your system resources. Shotcut has a very intuitive interface that promises a minimal learning curve even for the novice.

Some of the features that Shotcut video editor comes with are:

  • Support for a large number of video file formats through FFmpeg
  • Support for 4K resolution videos
  • Can edit picture files in addition to videos
  • Can capture video from webcam or other digital video device attached to your computer
  • Can capture audio from microphone or line in
  • Can playback network stream videos

Editing videos or images with Shotcut can be very easy even for the beginners. You can first add all the videos or pictures that you want to be included in the playlist. To do this, you can just drag and drop all the files that you want to include. After this you can add filters that can change the way video is processed. Shotcut offers so many audio and video filters that are only found in some of the expensive commercial video editing software. For example, you can make your video look very old using Technicolor film filter or the Old Film – Dust filters.

Shotcut Video Editor

When you have done all the editing that you want, you can export the output into a number of file formats by clicking on the Export button in the Shotcut toolbar. Since Shotcut does not perform any video or audio conversion when editing files (it uses original files without any sort of importing), the quality of the resulting output video is very high. In case, you just want to convert the video file format then you can just load a video file on Shotcut and then click on the Export button to choose the desired output video file format for conversion.

Conclusion: Shotcut is an open-source, cross-platform, feature-loaded video editor that offers professional video editing tools for everyone. It supports a large number of media formats through FFmpeg and can import video or audio streams directly from devices like webcam through SDI and HDMI interface.

You can download Shotcut from