Benchmark Your Windows PC with Geekbench

After upgrading your PC with the latest components or building a new PC from scratch, how would you test the power of your computer? The easiest way to test the limits of your PC is through the use of a benchmark tool like Geekbench. This free benchmark tool measures your system’s power by stressing it under series of tests and then lets you know if your PC is really powerful or if it is average and is good only for word processing. And Geekbench is not just only for the Windows computers, it is actually a cross-platform tool and works on Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.

Geekbench can benchmark the processor, graphics processor and the system memory and is a very easy to use. When launched it shows the basic system information like the operating system information, processor, memory, and if possible the model of the device. You can run the CPU benchmark by clicking on the Run CPU Benchmark.


Similarly, the graphics card testing is done by performing a large number of computations including image processing and others. The GPU test can be started by clicking on the Run Compute Benchmark button. Once the benchmark tests are finished the results are shown in an easy to understand manner. Your computer is given a score calculated on the baseline score of 4000 (which is actually score for Intel Core i7-6600U @ 2.60 GHz).

But that’s not all, you can compare the results of your system with that of others from the official Geekbench website. On their website you can see a list of all the scores for many different configurations. These score charts are available for both the CPU tests and the compute benchmarks. This helps you understand where your computer stands in the world of powerful gaming rigs.

Conclusion: Geekbench is a very easy to use and thorough benchmark utility. It is cross platform and works with all the popular platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS.

You can download Geekbench benchmark tool from