Check Runtimes and Plugins Versions Installed in Windows with atmzzrSysetmCheck

Windows operating system comes without any runtimes or plugins installed except the ones developed by Microsoft like the .NET framework and Microsoft Visual C++ runtimes (MSVCRT). If you want to run a program that required any third party plugin or runtimes, then you would have to download and install these required components. For example, some of the programs developed using Java cannot be run without Java Runtime Environment (JRE). On top of that, you also have to make sure that you have the correct version of these runtimes or plugins installed in your system. And if you want to stay secure, then you should also keep these components up-to-date to avoid the known vulnerabilities affect your PC.

A small portable program called atmzzrSysetmCheck (pronounced as Automizzer System Check) can scan your Windows PC for the various components and check their versions. It can also indicate whether you have the latest up-to-date version of these components installed. Furthermore, it can also be used to update any old versions of these components.


After launching the atmzzrSysetmCheck program, it will show a long window displaying you the versions of various components like Internet Explorer web browser, Windows Media Player, DirectX, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Shockwave Player, Adobe AIR, Microsoft Silverlight, Java Runtime Environment (JRE), Microsoft Visual C++ Runtimes, and the Microsoft .NET Framework versions. You can save the summary of all this information in a text file by clicking on the Save as a .txt file on your desktop button.


You will notice that it shows different colored LED light indicators for various components – green, red and yellow. The green light is for the components that are up-to-date. The red light is for outdated older versions of these components. And the yellow light is shown for the components that are either not installed or their status cannot be determined. You can click on the red LED light to open the respective update webpage from where you can download the latest version of that component.

Conclusion: The atmzzrSysetmCheck program can be useful in checking the versions of some of the most essential plugins or runtimes. It is portable and can be run on any version of Windows including Windows XP.

You can download atmzzrSysetmCheck from