Create Professional Calendars with TKexe Designer

If you have a decent printer that can produce stunning results on the glossy photo paper then you can use it to create your own personalized calendars. You may think why would you want to create your own calendars when they are available everywhere for very cheap or sometimes even for free. The thing is that in the personalized calendars you can include your own, your family’s or friends’ pictures. Each month will bring the joy and happiness with the smiling faces of your loved ones. But other than the glossy paper and a decent printer, you would also need a software called TKexe designer.

TKexe is a free calendar designer software that makes creating image calendars very easy. You can create many different types of calendars, use many different templates, customize every aspect of the calendar and export the finished calendars to image files or print them using a connected printer. If you do not have a printer that can print on large size paper, then you can save all the images to a USB pen-drive and take them to a professional photo printing service. TKexe also offers a print service, but it is not clear if that service is available for all the regions in the world or only to some particular countries.

TKexe Calendar Designer

TKexe gives you options to create monthly, weekly, yearly, birthday calendars as you launch this software. Afterwards you can also choose one of the templates from a list. The only thing now remains is to choose the background images that each of the calendar pages would have. You can later modify all of these and customize each and every aspect of the calendars. Each calendar is saved in its  own database file so that you can open the database file modify the calendar and print it whenever needed.

TKexe Calendar Designer

Conclusion: TKexe is very useful and productive program if you want to create your own personalized calendars. You can have your designed calendar printed by a professional printing service and present a copy of the calendar to your loved ones.

You can download TKexe calendar designer from