DHE Drive Info Shows Details of Storage Media in Windows

We have previously covered so many different programs that can display a lot of detailed information about the hard disk drives, solid state drives or other media connected to your Windows PC. Some of these programs, for example CrystalDiskInfo show you so much technical details about the hard drives/solid state drives that perhaps you won’t understand it all. If you do not want overwhelmingly technical data being displayed about the storage media in your PC but still want to know some easy to understand information then you can try DHE Drive Info.

DHE Drive Info displays all the storage media connected to your PC along with all the partitions on them. On the top, it displays the number of drives, number of partitions in total along with the currently installed operating system and the CPU on the motherboard. For each of the partitions, it tells you the free space, used space and it even displays the real-time access activity (both the read and write activity) for all the partitions.

At the bottom part of the Drive Info window, it displays detailed information about the selected drives or their partitions. It displays the manufacturer, product ID, serial number, firmware version, ATA standard supported (for example SATA-2), master boot record, bootloader type in use and so on. Apart from this information, it also displays all of the SMART data fetched for the drives (only if the SMART is enabled for those drives).

DHE Drive Info

If you want to save the report then DHE Drive Info supports that too. you can pull down the menu to select File → Save Report. This will show you a window from where you can choose the information that you want to include in the report – controller, adapter, MBR, SMART data, partitions and so on. The report can include information from all the drives or from only selected drives.

DHE Drive Info

Conclusion: DHE Drive Info displays all the drives information and that of their partitions in an easy to follow manner. It can even save the report to a file for later reference.

You can download DHE Drive Info from http://dirkhauschild.de/di_eng.php.