Disable Automatic Media Playing in Firefox Browser for Android

Many of the websites belonging to the TV news channels like Fox News, CNN or ABC News have videos embedded on all the pages and sometimes they appear to be excessive. The newspaper related websites also have the same sort of design. So you visit these websites for reading some news and suddenly your smartphone has videos playing in the browser. And these videos keep playing automatically one after another whether you are interested in them or not. Fortunately, if you are using the Firefox web browser then you can change its settings to stop the automatic playing of the media files in all websites.

Here is how you can disable automatic media playing in Mozilla Firefox for Android:

  1. Launch the Firefox web browser in your Android device.
  2. Tap on the vertical ellipsis (⋮) shown in the upper-right corner to view the menu. From the menu, select Settings.
  3. On the Settings screen, select Advanced from the list of options.Disable Media Autoplay in Firefox for Android
  4. On the Advanced screen, you have to turn off Allow autoplay option from under the Media section.
  5. Tap the back button near the bottom edge of your device a few times to close all the settings screens and return to Firefox browser.

After this whenever you visit a webpage in the Firefox browser in Android, you will have the option of touching the media placeholder to start playing the media. The media will not start automatically playing as soon as you load the webpage. This will not only save you from the annoying videos, but it can also save some of the internet bandwidth.

Conclusion: You can easily turn off the automatic media playing in the Firefox for Android. This will help you curb the annoyance caused by the embedded videos that start playing automatically as soon as you visit a web page.

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  1. Where Is the equivalent functionality in the desktop version? If it is missing, I would ask why?

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