Experience 90’s Music Once Again with 90’s Button

Every once in a while you stumble across a website that makes you remind of the things that you used to do a long long time ago. These websites are perhaps created by the people who grew up in a certain decade and can give you a dose of sudden nostalgia if you try them out. One of such websites that I came across recently is 90’s Button. The website is dedicated to play the music from the 1990’s and it does to extremely well.

You can visit this website and click on the small banner in the center of the screen that says Unleash the Heaven. This will cause the website to load embedded music videos one after another. These videos belong to selected 90’s music video playlists. When one video ends, another is loaded automatically. This goes on non-stop for hours and hours. I am sure that they have a finite list of the music videos, but I haven’t see the videos stop or get repeated in the last three hours my cousin has been playing them.

The 90s Button

The website has no option to skip one music video that you do not like. There are two things that you can do in the case you want to skip a music video. First, you can move the video play timeline near the end so that it ends and new video is loaded. For example, if a music video of 5:00 minutes length is loaded, change the  time to 4:58 and it will soon end in 2 seconds. The second thing that you can do is just click on the Unleash the Heaven button once again. It will reload a random video from their music video playlist.

Conclusion: If you grew up in 90’s and miss those old tunes, then you can try the 90’s Button website and it will take you back in the time instantly.

You can visit the 90’s Button website at http://the90sbutton.com/.