Launch Anything with Find and Run Robot for Windows

If you are one of those computer users who kill at least one keyboard every year and are regularly trying to buy new ones off Amazon, then Find and Run Robot is for you. This program is designed to search and launch programs only with the help of a keyboard. Keyboard lovers will feel right at home when using this program.

Find and Run Robot (FARR) is available both in the setup installer package and as a portable program. In either case, it shows you a notification message when you launch it for the time that tells you about how you can launch the FARR window whenever it is needed through the system tray icon or through a hotkey.

Find and Run Robot

By default the hotkey for launching FARR is the Pause/Break key on your keyboard. Perhaps the developers picked this hotkey because it is so rarely used by modern Windows PC users. Anyway, you can use this hotkey to bring the FARR search window in which you can type in any keywords that you want to search for. FARR will instantly search for the installed programs, user profile folder, recently used documents and so many other locations to display you the results.

Find and Run Robot

In case you are wondering that all this can also be done by the Start Menu in Windows, you should know that FARR offers much much more. You can run commands without having to open a command prompt window by typing the command after the run keyword. You can search many popular websites for any keyword – for example, you can search the IMDB for movies, you can ask for the definition of phrases on many dictionary sites, or you can search Amazon for any products and so on. Further options can be added via the FARR settings.

Conclusion: Find and Run Robot (FARR) is a keyboard lovers dream come true. Using this program you can not only search and launch programs or documents located on your PC, but you can also search the web for many different things. And everything is done as quick as you can type.

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  1. Thank you so much for your review of my FARR program. I’m glad you like it 🙂
    If you have any feature requests or questions, don’t hesitate to ask (or our forum preferably!).

    -jesse (mouser)
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