Wipe or Clone Storage Devices with Universal Disk Cloner

If you want to clone the entire system partition (the one on which Windows is installed), then perhaps you should look for utilities like Macrium Reflect. But for quickly cloning an entire storage device from within Windows, you can use the free Universal Disk Cloner. It can clone all the contents of a source device to a destination device. But it can much more than just plain disk cloning. It can also save the contents of any storage drive to an file on your PC. It can even be used as a disk wiping software where it write random data to the target disk and effectively overwrites any previous data.

Universal Disk Cloner is a portable software and can be run without installing on any Windows PC. It must be run as an administrator (right-click on DiskCloner.exe and select Run as administrator) in order to give it full and complete access to all the storage devices attached to your computer. If you launch it without the administrator level access then it will not even show any storage devices in the list.

Universal Disk Cloner

In order to clone one of the storage device into another, you have to choose a source disk and choose one of the destination disks and then click on the Start Clone button. Of course, you should be careful in choosing the storage devices if you do not want to lose any of your important data.

The disk wiping works in a similar manner, only instead of selecting a source disk, you have to select any of the options Random data or Null bytes. The destination disk is securely wiped and all the data on it is lost irrecoverably. Again, you have to be very very careful when picking the destination disk.

The disk imaging function allows you to use Universal Disk Cloner to create a byte to byte disk image of the source disk. The disk image is saved somewhere on a secondary storage device. You can choose to compress or encrypt the disk image if desired.

Conclusion: Universal Disk Cloner can secure wipe storage devices, clone one storage device to another and create the disk image of any storage device. It is portable and can be run without installing in any Windows PC.

You can download Universal Disk Cloner tool from http://redoc-app.blogspot.com/.