360 Document Protector: Prevents Ransomware from Encrypting Files

Of all the different types of malware, ransomware is the worst kind. It infects your system with the intent to encrypt all of your documents so that it can extort money from you later in exchange for the document decryption. Every year one or more new ransomware variants or a new ransomware families are detected by security research firms. The security researchers have been giving the advice to keep regular backups of all of your documents so that in can of ransomware attack, you can always restore your documents from the latest backup.

But now newer products have surfaced that combine several elements together to fight against the threat the ransomware – they detect the known ransomware by definitions, they prevent newer ransomware using behavior analysis and they keep a backup of your files too. The 360 Document Protector is a new product from the Chinese security vendor that also uses the combination of detection and files backup to protect your documents from ransomware.

360 Document Protector

After the installation and a system reboot, it creates a backup of all of the popular document formats like the Microsoft Office documents, PDF documents etc. Depending on how many files you have in your system, it might take a longer or shorter duration of time to create the backup for the first time. After this it will display a daily information regarding the backup status of the files. Whenever it detects ransomware infection, it will automatically take the appropriate action and restore the encrypted files from the backup.

From the main interface of the 360 Document Protector, you can see the protection status, check the backup status of the files from the backup center, scan and decrypt any possibly modified files, and also report problems to the 360 Security team.

360 Document Protector

In the settings section, you can define the type of files that you want to protect. By default, it protects only the Microsoft Office and PDF documents. You can also change the backup path (where backups are saved), the restore path, expiry date (time after which older backups are removed), and the file size limit.

Conclusion: 360 Document Protector provides effective and reliable protection against the ransomware attack and restores the documents if they are modified by the ransomware. It can be used along with any other antivirus product for much stronger protection.

You can download 360 Document Protector from https://www.360totalsecurity.com/en/tools/document-protector/.