Automate Software Installation with OneClick! Installer

The most boring thing that we all have to do from time to time in our Windows computers is installing software and device drivers. All the software installers come with a wizard installation interface that takes you through a number of steps before the actual installation begins. Imagine how much painful it is for the computer technicians who have to install and reinstall software hundreds of times every week. You cannot avoid the boring process of installing software in Windows, but you can surely make it automated and shorter using the free OneClick! Installer.

The OneClick! Installer is a clever tool for Windows using which you can automatically install software applications in your PC. This tool does not support all the software installation packages but it supports hundreds of popular software packages. You can download only the software packages from the list available on the OneClick! Installer website. In fact, there are two versions of the software lists – one for the free version of OneClick! Installer and another for the paid version. As you can guess, the paid version supports many more software installation packages.

OneClick! Installer

After you have downloaded the software packages as they are listed on the OneClick! Installer website, you can drag and drop to the OneClick! Installer window. Note that if you change the file names of the downloaded software packages, then they won’t be recognized. After this you can just click on the Install button. It will begin installing the software packages right away in the same order as they appear in the list. It achieves this by using the special switched to perform a silent installation.

Conclusion: OneClick! Installer is a very useful tool for the people who have to perform several software installations almost everyday. It can be used to automate the installation of hundreds of software applications in Windows.

You can download OneClick! Installer from

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