Copy/Paste Emojis in Windows with Free winMoji

Starting with Windows 8, Microsoft had introduced the emojis in the on-screen touch keyboard for Windows. You can simply launch the touch-screen keyboard from the taskbar and then use the emojis from there. But this touch keyboard takes over your entire screen or at least half of it and disappears as soon as you press any key on your physical keyboard attached to your PC. This makes using emojis through the touch keyboard a painful and annoying experience overtime.

If you want to make things a little bit easier, then you can use the free winMoji that can display all the emojis available for your system. It is an open source application designed to work only with the 64-bit Windows operating system. However source code of this application is available on the github and if you are a programmer than perhaps you would be able to compile it to work for your version of Windows.


After launching winMoji, you will find all the emojis in the small window. You can scroll through all the emojis and if you like any emoji, just click on it. As soon as you click on the emojis, they are copied to the clipboard and you can then paste them anywhere you want. Usually all the web browsers can display these emojis and this is why winMoji works great when posting comments on Youtube, tweeting on Twitter or replying to other people’s comments on Facebook.

You can also search for emojis in winMoji. The searching can be done by typing in the emoji names in the search box. For example, you can type in “Tree” and all the emojis with trees will show up in the winMoji window. Again, you can click on the emojis to copy them to the clipboard.

Conclusion: Windows users will find winMoji very useful as it offers an easy way to find and copy the emojis to the clipboard. Apart from searching the emojis with their names, it also allows you to explore all the available emojis.

You can download the winMoji application from