LiveUSB Install : Install Various Linux Distros on USB Drive

Working with a Windows computer is fun until the day it shows the dreaded blue screen and just won’t boot into Windows. And then you can spend hours fixing the Windows PC or take it to the repair shop which means it will take even longer before you can use your PC once again. But if you have to finish some work in emergency and want access to the files already stored in your computer’s hard drive, then you can use one of the bootable Live Linux distros that come with all the essential software preinstalled – web browsers, graphics editors, document editors, email clients and more.

If you want to always have a bootable Live Linux distro USB drive ready to use in the case of emergencies, then you can use LiveUSB Install software to create one. This software makes it very easy for you to create a bootable USB drive with Linux installed on it. You can use a Linux CD/DVD, a Linux ISO image file, or even download any Linux distro from the internet for this – all these options are available inside the LiveUSB Install software itself.

The program works in five different modes – the distribution mode, the Syslinux config mode, the WinGrub Chainloader mode, the IMG write mode, and the Rewrite Syslinux mode. The mode you would be using is the Distribution mode and it will be selected as default when you launch LiveUSB Install. The other modes are for special purposes, for example, the Syslinux config mode allows you to customize the way Syslinux loads the Linux kernel, the WinGrub Chainloader mode allows you to install WinGrub for booting from multiple partitions, the IMG write mode is used to write IMG disk image to target drive etc.

LiveUSB Install

The Linux distribution and the version is automatically selected if you pick an ISO image file from your computer or if you use CD/DVD as the source. But if you want to download from the internet, then you can download from hundreds of different Linux variants. The download size is also displayed as you select them from the list. It allows the download of even those distros that are no longer available from their official websites.

And finally, you can choose the target USB drive where you want to install the Linux, choose whether you want “persistent storage” and click on the OK button. This will start formatting of your USB drive, installing the bootloader and then copying files from the Linux source. If you have selected “persistent storage” then you can also choose how big of the storage size you want.

Conclusion: LiveUSB Install is a very useful application for all the people who want bootable USB drives that can be used to load Linux on any PC. It allows you to download hundreds of many different Linux distros. You can actually use this tool to try out many different flavors of Linux.

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