Save, Tag and Bookmark Images in Google Search

One of the most used products of the modern times is the Google Search. It is on all the smartphones and desktop computer users love to use it. You can look for almost anything on Google ranging from the time machine to the interesting places to visit. Many times you are tempted to download some of the images that appear in the Google Image Search. But instead of downloading them, you can save, tag and bookmark them in your Google account – making them much more easier to find the next time you need them.

Here is how you can save, tag and bookmark images in Google Image Search:

  1. Visit in your web browser and sign-in to your Google account. This is important as the images are saved to your Google account and not in the browser.
  2. Next, visit and look for any image using any keyword of your choice. For example, you can look for “Oregon cities and towns”.
  3. Click on any image in the Google Image search results. It will be enlarged, highlighted and some options will appear for that image on the right-side. From these options, click on the Save button. Now this image is saved in your Google account.Save, Tag, Bookmark Google Search Images
  4. Repeat the above steps for as many images as you want. They all will be saved in your Google account.

Whenever you want to tag the saved images, view them or search through them, you can visit in your web browser. This web page will display all of your saved images in a gallery. You can click on each of these images to add a tag to them. These tags will help you categorize or search for these images easily next time.

Save, Tag, Bookmark Google Search Images

None of these images are saved in your web browser. They will only be visible to you after you login to your Google account. This also makes it interesting, as you can search for something at work and view those images at home without actually downloading any of these images to the hard drive.

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