XProtect : Portable File Encryption Software for Windows

File encryption is one of the easiest ways to keep your personal files protected from the eyes of unwanted nosy people. There are many different free and commercial software available for Windows that can encrypt your files using one or the other ciphers. The problem with many of these file encryption programs is that if you encrypt your files using them, then you would need the same program to decrypt the encrypted files. This can become a problem as you may not be able to download the file encryption software on a PC where you want to decrypt your files. The opens-source file encryption software X-Protect addresses this problem by allowing you to create a portable executable containing all of your encrypted files and this portable executable can extract decrypted files on any PC after you supply the correct password.

XProtect is a portable software and does not need to be installed. You can launch it and then drag-n-drop the files that you wish to encrypt on its window. You can also use the Add Files button to do the same. Once the files have been added, you have to choose a method – normal or portable.

The Normal Method encrypts your files and saved into one or many different encrypted files. You can also select whether you want to save all the encrypted files into one file or in separate files. The Portable Method saves the encrypted files into one executable program that you can launch, supply the correct password and decrypt the files. After this you can enter the password and click on the Encrypt button to proceed with the files encryption.


If you use the normal method, then you would need the XProtect program whenever you wish to decrypt the files. But if you use the portable method, then you can just run the resulting executable to decrypt them. The decryption works similar to the encryption – you have to add the encrypted files, enter the password and click on the Decrypt button.

Conclusion: XProtect is an efficient portable open-source file encryption software. It uses very powerful AES 256 bit cipher for the encryption. But it lacks some of the features found in other similar software, like the File Explorer integration, recognition of encrypted files through special extension etc.

You can download XProtect from https://github.com/meltingice1337/xprotect/releases.