Avanti-Vir Nevada : Lightweight Anti-malware for Windows

Avanti-Vir Nevada is a new anti-malware product that offers scanning of your files for malware infections. As you can guess from its name, it is being developed by a small company located in the state of Nevada, US. It boasts of detecting and stopping malware, ransomware and PUP (potentially unwanted programs) along with providing other firewall features like preventing potential intrusion into your system, and giving you options to allow or deny internet access for various programs.

The setup installer for Avanti-Vir Nevada is only 6 MB and it comes with their latest malware definitions. You can also install the program, launch the scanner and then click on the update button to download the latest definitions from their server. After an update (which downloads around 5 MB of data), you can continue with scanning your system for any possible malware. It offers custom scans in addition to a quick scan. Then there are tools like task manager and startup files through which you can manage the running processes and auto-running programs.

Avanti-Vir Nevada

The Avanti-Vir Nevada website states that this software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.x and 10. But on our test system with Windows 7 SP1, it kept giving errors citing a series of memory address errors. So we tried it on a Windows 10 system, and were able to finally make it work.

In the free version of the program you can only use a malware scanner to detect and remove a number of malware threats. In the paid version, it adds many more security features like a firewall and detection of malicious URLs.

Verdict: Avanti-Vir Nevada is a lightweight malware scanner that you can use it to add a second or third layer of defense against malicious threats in your Windows PC. It does not seem to slow down your PC when used along with some other popular antivirus products from Avast or AVG.

You can download Avanti-Vir Nevada from http://www.avanti-vir.com/.


  1. I just tried this, and it has major issues with false positives, which means that it wrongly detects a lot safe software as being malicious. For example, it detected the VPN software I use as being a trojan and openvpn.exe which my VPN software uses, as being ransomware. There were many other false positives, including a number of other safe file that were detected as being ransomware.

    I highly recommend that no one use this, as unless you are careful, it will delete safe files.

    If you want a safe program to scan for malware. Malwarebytes, Zemana AntiMalware and Cezurity Antivirus Scanner, all work well. Cezurity if free, and there are free version of Malwarebytes and Zemana. The link to download the free version of Zemana is half way down the following page https://www.zemana.com/en-US/AntiMalware
    The link on the Zemana home page is for the time limited trial of the paid version.

    1. Only the developers can really tell why there are so many false positives. But I guess it is because of their huge list of untrustworthy programs. I hope they will improve it in future updates or new versions.

      1. There’s no need to know why there are false positives. All that one need to know is that this program is (well at least for know) unsafe to use. It’s got nothing to do with the list of untrustworthy programs, it’s just badly designed, just like a lot of little known malware removal tools and antiviruses.

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