Charge iPhone, iPad and iPod Faster with ASUS Ai Charger

There are so many different types of mobile phone chargers available in the market today. These chargers are different from each other based on how fast they charge the phone’s battery. If you have a small phone (4 inches screen size or smaller) then perhaps it comes with a 500mA charger. For the large screen phones (5 inches or above), you usually get an ordinary mobile phone charger with the current rating of 1000mA. And then there are fast chargers with a current rating of 2000mA. In general, the higher the output current rating of these chargers are, the faster they will charge your phone’s battery.

ASUS Ai Charger

But when you are using a USB data cable to charge your mobile phone by connecting it to the USB port of your PC, you usually get less than 1000mA of current which makes the charging very slow. This is because the computers reduce the power consumption on the USB devices by design. If you are tired of waiting for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to get fully charged, then you can use the ASUS Ai Charger software to speed up things for you. Unfortunately it does not work for Android smartphones, but works with all the motherboards and computers.

ASUS Ai Charger

After installing the ASUS Ai Charger, you have to reboot your PC and you will see an icon in the system tray. As soon as you connect your iPhone (or an iPad or iPod) to your PC via a USB data cable, it will start to get charged at an accelerated rate. This is achieved by increasing the current flow in the USB port to which the phone is connected. According to the ASUS website, the charging can increase up to 50% faster. Not only you can benefit from fast charging when your PC is working, but it continues to work even when your PC is in the standby mode, suspended mode, sleep mode or is shut down (but is still powered).

You can download the ASUS Ai Charger from