Identify Ransomware Infection with Bitdefender Ransomware Recognition Tool

Ransomware is a type of malware that is coded to encrypt the files of victim’s computer and then demand some ransom money in exchange for decrypting these very files. All of these ransomware families and variants display a message after encrypting the files. For the malware researchers, perhaps it takes just a glance at your computer screen to know which of the ransomware has infected your PC. But for an ordinary user, they all look the same. And if you do not know about the ransomware family that has infected your computer then basically you won’t be able to find the tools to remove this infection or decrypt your files.

Fortunately, the good people at Bitdefender Labs have created a small tool called Bitdefender Ransomware Recognition Tool that helps you quickly and easily identify the ransomware infection in any PC. The portable tool asks you for two things that are used for the identification – a warning message file and one of the encrypted files. Usually the warning message file is saved somewhere in your PC with the TXT extension and you can easily find it. But if you cannot find the text file then you can take a snapshot of the warning screen and type it out in a text file.

Bitdefender Ransomware Recognition Tool

Both of these files are sent over to Bitdefender servers to see if they match any of the known ransomware families. Many times an exact match is found, but if it fails to find the exact match then it will show a list of ransomware families/variants that could be possibly responsible for the ransomware infection. In addition, it also displays if some decryptor tools are available for decrypting the files for a certain type of ransomware infection. If such a decryption tool is available, you can download it and attempt to decrypt your files.

Bitdefender Ransomware Recognition Tool

Conclusion: Bitdefender Ransomware Recognition Tool makes things easier for people hit by any type of ransomware infection. Using this tool you can identify the ransomware infection quickly which is usually the first step in getting rid of the infection and decrypting your files.

You can download Bitdefener Ransomware Recognition Tool from