Black Bird Registry Cleaner Can Tidy Up Windows Registry

Black Bird Cleaner software is slowly gathering a range of cleaning products for the average Windows users. So far they have released four different tools for cleaning up various parts of your operating system. And now they have come up with Black Bird Registry Cleaner which is supposed to remove obsolete or problematic entries from the Windows registry to make the operating system perform better.

Even though many of the developers I personally know and some of the leading computer professionals usually give advice to steer clear of any registry cleaning software as they can cause more harm than good, if you use these software wisely then you can actually fix some of problems caused because of the bulky registry files. This is why it is important that when using a software like Black Bird Registry Cleaner, you pay attention to all the entries you are about to delete and make sure to backup the registry.

Black Bird Registry Cleaner

Fortunately, Black Bird Registry Cleaner is aware of these problems and offers to create a system restore point before making any changes to the registry. This option (to create the system restore point) is enabled by default and should not be changed.

In the Black Bird Registry Cleaner, you have to choose various parts of your computer’s registry that you want to be scanned. Some of these options are only available in the pro version of the software. Clicking on the Start button will scan your system for obsolete entries and various errors in the registry.

Black Bird Registry Cleaner

The scanning completes only in a few seconds and you should be able to go through the list of all the entries that it finds. You should select only the entries that you want to remove and then click on the Remove Selected button.

Conclusion: Black Bird Registry Cleaner can remove some of the obsolete entries from the Registry in Windows computers. It will have zero effect on a brand new computer, but on older computers it could improve the PC performance and may be fix some Registry related problems too. In either case, it should be used with extra caution as making changes to the registry can sometimes backfire.

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  1. tremenda porquería de programa me ha dañado algunos servicios y controles de otros programas. no lo recomiendo. creo que lo han eliminado por las criticas.

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