Create Multiboot Linux USB Drive with YUMI

For those rainy days when Windows just does not seem to run properly and showers a number of errors on your screen, a bootable Linux USB drive can come very handy. Personally, I always keep a bootable Puppy Linux CD as well as a bootable USB drive with Ubuntu Linux on it. I have also seen other people with dozens of Live Linux distros on CD and DVD stored filling up their desk drawers. But you do not have to make a big pile of USB sticks and optical disks on your work desk. You can use just one large capacity USB drive to make a multi-boot drive that can be used to boot into a number of Linux distros.

The freeware tool YUMI (Your Universal Multiboot Installer) can create multi-boot USB drives that can hold a large number of Linux distributions. This way you can use the same USB stick (pen drive) for booting into Ubuntu, Mint, Puppy, and many other Linux flavors.

Using YUMI is not very different from using any other Live Linux USB drive creator. You have to select the USB drive, select the Linux distribution and the ISO file for that distribution. After this, you can just click on the Create button to proceed and it will be created in a few seconds.

YUMI Multiboot USB Drive

When the process is finished, it asks you if you want to add more Linux ISO files. If you choose “Yes” then you go back to the starting screen where you have to select the Linux distribution and the ISO file. You can keep adding many different Linux distros as long as there is some storage space left in the USB drive. You can also launch YUMI anytime later to add more Linux distros.

YUMI Multiboot USB Drive

When you are done, you can use this USB drive to boot into your computer. Typically, you would press F12 when computer starts to boot and then choose the USB drive from the list. In a few seconds, you will see the YUMI screen and then you can select which Linux distribution you want to boot into.

YUMI Multiboot USB Drive

Conclusion: YUMI is perhaps the easiest multi-boot Linux distribution creator. You can add as many Linux distributions as you want any time.

You can download YUMI from