Delete Files Faster in Windows Using Far Manager

When you delete files in Windows, the operating system first calculates the total number of files and their size, then checks whether your Recycle Bin has enough capacity to hold them all, if the Recycle Bin has the capacity these files are then moved to the Recycle Bin. And if the files you wanted to delete are too large in size to be moved to the recycle bin, you are shown a confirmation to this effect before they are deleted. This makes deleting files a slightly lengthier process from withing Windows File Explorer.

You can delete files much faster using the command prompt to delete files without moving them to the Recycle Bin first. But this requires the knowledge of commands like del, their command line parameters and more. Instead of command line programs, you can use a file manager like Far Manager which basically does the same thing but a little faster and is much easier to use.

Delete Files Faster

After installing Far Manager in Windows, you can right-click on any folder and choose to start Far Manager in that folder. You will see the current folder in the left side of the Far Manager and you can double-click on any folder to open it. To go to the parent folder, you have to double click on .. displayed in the list of folder contents.

In order to delete files or folders without sending them to the recycle bin first, you have to use the hotkey Shift+Del. It will ask you for confirmation, you have to select Delete using left and right arrow keys and press the Enter key. It may further confirm if you want to delete all files, in this case just press A key and it will continue to delete all the files inside a folder.

Delete Files Faster

Conclusion: Far Manager can be used to delete large number of files quickly without taking them to the recycle bin first. This is really useful when you have to delete multi-gigabytes of data and don’t want to wait for the length process of Windows.

You can download Far Manager from