How to Make an ISO Image From Any Folder in Windows

It is a fact of common knowledge that ISO image files are easy to burn to blank CD/DVD media than to burn individual files. This is why you should first make an ISO image containing all of your files that you wish to burn on a blank optical media. And if you have an ISO image, you can readily burn it on to an optical media using the in-built features in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. So how do you convert the contents of a folder into an ISO image file? It is pretty easy task if you are using the right type of tools. For example, you can use AnyToISO Lite for this.

AnyToISO is a small and free software that helps you create ISO image files from folders and from the existing CD/DVD media. After installing AnyToISO in Windows, you can right-click on any folder in the File Explorer and select AnyToISO option from the right-click context-menu. Alternatively, you can also launch AnyToISO and fill in all the information in its window. You have to specify the source folder (the contents of which you want to use in the ISO image), the destination folder (where you would like to place the ISO image file) and the volume label.

Folder to ISO Image

Clicking on the Make ISO button will create the ISO image file in the specified folder. Now you can open the folder where this new ISO image is created in the Windows File Explorer, right-click on this ISO file and have the options of either mounting it in the File Explorer or burning it to a blank CD/DVD optical media.

Folder to ISO Image

Conclusion: Making an ISO image from the contents of a folder is very easy if you are using the right tools for this job. And once the ISO file is ready, you can either burn it on a blank optical media or just mount it in Windows as a virtual drive.