Does Intel CPU Support Virtualization? Find with Intel Processor Identification Utility

So you want to try out some software like VirtualBox that relies heavily on the virtualization technology support from your computer’s main processor whether it is CPU or or some other kind of processor? The first think you have to find out, of course, is whether your processor supports any kind of virtualization technology or not. You can obviously go and look up on the internet if you know the ID or the make of processor installed in your PC. But if you are clueless to this information too, then you will find Intel Processor Identification Utility a blessing.

As you can see, this utility works only with Intel processors, so if you run it on a computer that lacks any Intel processor, you will perhaps see a warning message. You can check the “Intel Inside” logo on your PC to know if your PC has an Intel processor or just run it to see what happens.

Intel Processor Identification Utility

In the Frequency Test tab, it displays the reported and expected clock frequencies for the detected CPU along with the number of cores, number of threads, amount of various types of cache and so on. From under the CPU Technologies tab, you can see all the various advanced technologies supported by the CPU, for example, Virtualization, VT-x, AES, hyper-threading etc.

Intel Processor Identification Utility

It also displays the CPUID data including processor classification (CPU type, CPU family, CPU model etc), processor details (different types of cache and the packaging type), and many other features if the CPU also supports them. For example, it displayed that my Intel Core i3 CPU has integrated system graphics.

Intel Processor Identification Utility

Conclusion: You can quickly and easily identify your Intel processor with the help of Intel Processor Identification Utility. It also displays the features, CPUID data and other interesting details about your Intel CPU.

You can download Intel Processor Identification Utility from


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