Kaspersky Lab Releases Free Antivirus Software WorldWide

Back in the 90’s most of the Windows users trusted only two security software – namely Norton Antivirus and McAfee Antivirus. But those days are long gone mainly because of the over-bloated model adopted by the developers of these software. At this time, Bitdefender, ESET and Kaspersky are undoubtedly the world leaders in the cyber-security software.

Kaspersky had been complaining about Microsoft installing Windows Defender by default in all the new Windows 10 installations. And now they have upped the ante by announcing a world-wide release of free antivirus for everyone. The new Kaspersky Free Antivirus is already available in Russia, China and a number of European countries. But in the coming months the download and installation will be made available for everyone all over the world.

This is going to change everything as it will give a really good alternative to the Windows Defender for the Windows 10 users. Microsoft’s Windows Defender stands nowhere close to the performance and detection accuracy of the Kaspersky products. With a free product available, now everyone is going to opt for the Kaspersky Free Antivirus.

The free antivirus from Kaspersky offers only basic protection from malware and other online threats. It does not include advanced protection like privacy protection, firewall and parental control etc. But those things are not really needed for a typical Windows 10 user. As long as you are protected from malware, you can scan drives for malware, and you practice some basic online safety habits – Kaspersky Free Antivirus is going to be more than enough protection for you.

Kaspersky Free Antivirus

But if you are going to use this security solution on  a shared computer used by all the family members, or if you want a much more enhanced level of protection depending on how you use your computer, then you may want to upgrade to a commercial product of Kaspersky.

You can download Kaspersky Free Antivirus from https://www.kaspersky.com/free-antivirus. (This link works only if the Kaspersky Free Antivirus is available in your country – if it does not, then wait a couple of months and try again).