Set Webcam as Desktop Background in Windows 10

For whatever reason if you want to set your webcam as the desktop background for your Windows 10 PC, then there is a very easy way to implement this. I am sure if you throw in some scripting and some coding, then you can achieve this without requiring any third party tool. But if you use VideoLAN VLC Media Player, then this all can be done in an instant. Here is how you can quickly set your webcam as your desktop wallpaper or background:

  1. Install and launch VLC Media Player in your PC.
  2. From the menubar, select Media and then Open Capture Device.Set Webcam As Wallpaper
  3. In the window that opens, choose DirectShow for Capture mode. Pick a webcam attached to your PC and a microphone if you want. Finally click on the Play button.Set Webcam As Wallpaper
  4. You will see live video stream captured from your webcam inside VLC media player. Choose Video and then Set as wallpaper from the menubar.Set Webcam As Wallpaper
  5. That’s it, now your desktop background is set to the live video feed from your webcam. You can press the Win+D to switch to your desktop and view your webcam’s video feed.Set Webcam As Wallpaper

The VLC media player window keeps showing up in the Windows’s taskbar. You can switch to this window and click on the stop button to cease the webcam’s video feed. This will also restore the previous desktop background for your Windows PC.